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Saturday, October 17, 2009


our hearts collide in a fantastic storm
the sound of our souls molding together
the truth you never told but in your eyes
i saw all the answers

dont you forget me

ill never get you out of my head
im always searching for the answer
what is it about you i cant let go
the way you smile the way you smell

its all in your eyes

your soul it speaks to me
of all your pain and joy
the sweetest melody
escapeing your lucid lips

the sky escapes me

the tears streaming down your eyes
on that cold december night
foretold of the upcoming events
wich unfolded in confusion

but i saw the map you drew

it was penned so perfectly
under your bed you hid your secrets
but i saw them play out in time
and now its over
to tell you i love you is not enough
to bring you back to me
the coldness of your body
so stiff in the ground
to kiss you on green grass again
to look into your eyes again

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